Agrivoltaics: Opportunities for Agriculture and Energy Transition

Agrivoltaics refers to a practice for the simultaneous use of land for agricultural food production and PV electricity production.

In this way, agrivoltaics increases land efficiency and enables the expansion of PV while preserving arable land for agriculture.

>14 GW
Installed Capacity Worldwide
1700 GW
estimation of potential in Germany
3000+ Systems
Installed in Japan
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July 2022


If you want to know more about an Agrivoltaics-BOT, check out the interesting presentation of Karim Fahmy who is working in our research group at Fraunhofer ISE.

An Agrivoltaics-Bot is a fully automated CNC (Computerized-Numerical-Control) field cultivation system that has been integrated into an agrivoltaic-system.

Here is the presentation.

June 2022

Agri-PV beim PV-Symposium 2022

Die Agri-PV Forschungsgruppe ist beim PV-Symposium in Freiburg vertreten.

Am Dienstag macht das Fraunhofer ISE um 18 Uhr eine Führung und am Donnerstag, um 9:00 Uhr, geben Vorträge Einblicke in unterschiedliche Bereiche der Agri-PV.

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June 2022

Webinar: Frischer Wind für Agri-PV: Wir bringen Sie auf Ballhöhe.

Für alle, die gerne tiefer in das Thema Agri-PV einsteigen wollen:
Am Montag, den 20.06.2022, von 9:00-13:00 Uhr findet ein Webinar vom Fraunhofer ISE und BBH über die Grundlagen der Agri-PV statt.

Weitere Info finden Sie hier.

June 2022

Agrivoltaics22 Conference

From June 15 to June 17, Agrivoltaics22 conference will finally take place!

Scientists from agrivoltaics research-group of the Fraunhofer ISE will be participating either online or on-site in Italy!
AgriVoltaics2022 will provide a high level scientific exchange and great networking opportunities.

Check out the program!