Agrivoltaics: Opportunities for Agriculture and Energy Transition

Agrivoltaics refers to a practice for the simultaneous use of land for agricultural food production and PV electricity production.

In this way, Agri-PV increases land efficiency and enables the expansion of PV while preserving arable land for agriculture.

2,8+ GW
Installed Capacity Worldwide
1700 GW
Technical Potential in Germany
3000+ Systems
Installed in Japan
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October 2021

Webinar: 1x1 der Agri-Photovoltaik

Das Fraunhofer-ISE bietet im Kooperation mit der BBH-Gruppe am 20. Oktober und am 11. November von 9-13 Uhr ein Webinar über die Grundlagen der Agri-PV an. Dabei werden sowohl die Landwirtschaft und Technik, als auch die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen Themenschwerpunkt sein. Meldet euch hier an.

September 2021

Kick-off meeting of the Agrivoltaics International Discussion Group

On September the 23th, a kick-off meeting of the Agrivoltaics International Discussion Group (AiDO) will take place. AiDO is a working group in which a sustainable vision of Agri-PV is developed together.

To join the meeting, register here at the AiDO portal!

August 2021

Agri-PV Erklärvideo

Schaut euch unser Agri-PV Erklärvideo an!

Es beschreibt kurz und anschaulich, was man sich unter der Kombination von Landwirtschaft und Photovoltaik vorstellen kann.

Das Video findet ihr hier.

July 2021

Newsletter in English available!

Since the German Agri-PV Newsletter was so well received, it is now also available in English!

Compared to the German newsletter it will have an international focus and you can find information about new agrivolataics technologies, projects and political developments worldwide.

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