APV-RESOLA Agrivoltaics resource-efficient land use

Research Project APV-RESOLA

Agrivoltaics (APV) is a newly developed system technology which enables agricultural production underneath Photovoltaics ground-mounted power plants (PV-GM) that are especially developed for this purpose. This innovative resource-efficient dual use of arable land could help to mitigate surface sealing and thus ease the conflict between food and energy security. Currently policy-makers protect fertile soils by limiting dissemination of PV-GM. APV widens the scenery of land use options for policy makers by accomplishing the generation of solar electricity without a notable reduction on fertile soils for agricultural production. Further, APV projects are well suited to be realized by farmers, municipalities or small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Rural development is being promoted and the added value stays regional. New operational branches for utility and project developers can be identified and income diversification of farmers can be achieved.

To realize these impacts and objectives, the project partners of APV-RESOLA developed a prototype of an APV power plant to explore the technology under real life conditions (Living Lab). The output of PV and photosynthesis is optimized with minimal negative impact on biomass and electricity production while in absolute terms land use efficiency is increased. Finally, the APV-RESOLA research consortium will publish a so-called “Innovation Concept” for the APV technology.

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Objectives and impact chain

The project’s primary and secondary objectives are oriented along an impact chain:                                                                                    Input->Output->Outcome->Impact

On the input-level, different work packages, like the development of a lightning protection, contribute to a special output, which in this case would be the finalization of the work focus “Technology”. Research is conducted in five work focus groups: “Technology”, “Environment and Biodiversity”, “Energy Economy”, “Agriculture” and “Society”. The Outcome is the collective result of the outputs of all five focus groups: A market-ready APV plant for the use on agricultural land. The primary objective is a maximum Impact on a resource-efficient land use in Germany and thereby mitigating land-use conflicts between food and energy security. The maximum Impact is ought to be realized by the combination of the market-ready APV technology and the accompanying political and social innovations, like new concepts for approval procedures on a municipal level or adapted processes in agricultural management. Currently there is no public regulation or funding for APV-Technologies, which is indispensable for Renewable Energy Technologies (also for common PV-GM or Wind-Power or Biogas plants). Therefore, the Innovation Group APV-RESOLA advocates a so-called “Level-Playing-Field”, in which every technology has the same chance on market launch and further development. The publication of an APV-Innovation concept that illustrates a way to disseminate the APV technology is therefore an important part of our primary objective (Impact).

Project status

After the ceremonial inauguration of the APV research plant in Heggelbach the scientific focus is now on the agricultural measurements and analysis.



Kick-Off Meeting

APV-RESOLA Research Group in Freiburg

Kick-Off Meeting

APV-RESOLA Innovation Group in Bonn

First consultation for land use plan

in the local council of Herdwangen-Schönach

Citizens information event

in the community of Herdwangen-Schönach

Citizens Workshop

in the community of Herdwangen-Schönach

1st meeting of the APV-RESOLA Advisory Board and 2nd Citizen Workshop

in Freiburg


Launch of APV Homepage

www.agrophotovoltaik.de goes online

Begin of contruction phase of APV research plant
Completion of APV research plant

Ceremonial opening of research plant in Heggelbach

First short movie online

The first out of two planned short movies is out! It documents the installation of the research plant and explains the technical background. Many thanks to AMA Film for the great contribution!

2nd meeting of the APV-RESOLA Advisory Board

in Freiburg


April 2017
APV RESOLA Research Group

2nd meeting of the APV RESOLA Research Group as an interim evaluation

July 2017
First agricultural yields

below the APV research plant

November 2017

APV Expert Workshop, 3rd meeting of the APV-RESOLA Advisory Board and 2nd Citizens Workshop


May 2018
Completion of APV-Innovation concept
July 2018
2nd agricultural yield

below the APV research plant

November 2018
4th meeting of the APV-RESOLA Advisory Board


March 2019
End of Research phase
May 2019
5th and last meeting of the APV-RESOLA Advisory Board

June 2019
Final Report

Final research report to PTJ / BMWF



Utilization of research results

institutionalization of research results