APV-RESOLA Agrivoltaics resource-efficient land use


— Resource-Efficient Land Use 

Cost-efficiency of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems (GMPV) is steadily increasing. Experts predict PV-GM to become profitable and independent of financial support from the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) in five to eight years. This increase of competitive edge leads to new business models for the utilization of the cultural landscape. As a result, the pressure on rural areas is increasing with the growing demand for land. The limited availability of arable soils and an increasing demand for space will lead to new dimensions in land use competition and economic, ecologic and social conflict constellations. The Innovation Group APV-RESOLA is developing and exploring a new form of photovoltaics technology with which the agricultural land can continue to be used for growing crops as well as for generating electricity. In 1981, Adolf Goetzberger, founder of the Fraunhofer-Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, and Armin Zastrow were the first to propose the concept of a resource efficient dual use of arable land called agrivoltaics (APV). They were addressing the ongoing discussion on the food-energy-nexus and proposed a special system-technology that optimizes the output of PV and photosynthesis. The Innovation Group APV-RESOLA is now developing and extending this technology by political, ecological and social dimensions.

On the Coexistence of Solar-Energy Conversion and Plant Cultivation
A. Goetzberger, A. Zastrow (1981)
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Video of APV plant

Video of APV plant
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Video of APV plant construction

Video of APV plant construction
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Timeline of APV-RESOLA


Jun 2021
AgriVoltaics2021 Conference from 14th to 16th June 2021

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Under the motto "Connecting Agrivoltaics Worldwide", the second edition of the conference will take place as an online event in June 2021.

Visit the conference website for more information.
Apr 2021
The smarter E Podcast

New Podcast about agrivoltaics with Max Trommsdorff with the title: "Agrivoltaics - synergistic production of food and energy"

Listen now.

Mar 2021
Agrivoltaics: where are we heading?

New contribution of Fraunhofer ISE about the current developement of agrivoltaics. Read the article here.

Feb 2021
Agrivoltaics: Opportunities for Agriculture and Energy Transition

In coorpration with multiple partners out from different fields, Fraunhofer ISE published a guideline for agrivoltaics.

The guideline provides information on the possibilities and opportunities of agrivoltaics. It highlights the potential of agrivoltaics, the current state of technology, and presents practical advice for farming businesses, municipalities and companies.

You can download the guideline here.

Jan 2021
Agrivoltaics in the German Renewable Energy Act 2021

Agrivoltaics will be part of the innovation tenders within the scope of the updated German Renewable Energy Act 2021. Together with floating PV and park-roof PV, agrivoltaic projects will have the chance to receive feed-in tariff support within a capacity of 50 MW in 2022. 


DEZ 2020
Agrivoltaics in West Africa

Schematische Darstellung einer dreifachen Landnutzung durch die Agri-Photovoltaik. © Fraunhofer ISE

An international project consortium from Mali, the Gambia and Germany implements a research and developement project in West Africa to assess triple land-use systems in the local context. The project focuses in particular on water management solutions in combination with agrivoltaic systems.

Visit our website for more information on APV-MaGa.


The first international conference about agrivoltaic systems - AgriVoltaics - takes place from 14th - 16th October as an online conference.

Visit the official website for more information.


APV-RESOLA Close-Out Conference

in Berlin. Research findings from APV-RESOLA and other projects in Germany will be presented. More information here.

apr 2019
Feasability and Economic Viability of Horticulture Photovoltaics in Paras, Maharashtra, India

On behalf of the government of India and in pertnership with the Developement Loan Corporation (KfW) and the Indo-German Energy Forum, Fraunhofer ISE conducted a feasability study for agrivoltaics in the indian state Maharashtra.

India needs innovative solutions to achieve the ambitious target that was set for the development of renewable energies. Not only because the country suffers hardly under the effects of climate change, but also because arable land is a scarce resource.

You can download the study here.


JUN 2018
Agrivoltaics Goes Global: from Chile to Vietnam

Technology transfer to arid climates begins. Read the story here.


NOV 2017
One year of agrivoltaics in operation

Time for a positive interim balance: Results of the first year of operation of the pilot project, summarized as a blog post by ISE.

AUG 2017
First Harvest below APV-Plant

The farmers at Heggelbach community harvest crops grown below PV panels for the first time.

Mähdrescher sehr klein

APR 2017
First PV-Data online

Technical details of the APV pilot plant and monitoring data of electrical yields are online now!


2nd meeting of the APV-RESOLA Advisory Board

in Freiburg

First short movie online

The first out of two planned short movies is out! It documents the installation of the research plant and explains the technical background. Many thanks to AMA Film for the great contribution!


Ceremonial opening of research plant in Heggelbach.

Completion of APV research plant
Begin of contruction phase of APV research plant
Launch of APV Homepage

www.agrophotovoltaik.de goes online


1st meeting of the APV-RESOLA Advisory Board

in Freiburg

Citizens Workshop

in the community of Herdwangen-Schönach

Citizens information event

in the community of Herdwangen-Schönach

First consultation for land use plan

in the local council of Herdwangen-Schönach

2nd Kick-Off Meeting

of the Innovation Group APV-RESOLA in Bonn

1st Kick-Off Meeting

of the Innovation Group APV-RESOLA in Freiburg