Connecting Agrivoltaics Worldwide

AiDO: Agrivoltaics International Discussion Group

The Agrivoltaics International Discussion Group (AiDO) is a collaboration that aims to connect the scientists, researchers, industry experts, institutions, and universities that are working in the field of agrivoltaics in order to build up a sustainable vision for the combination of agriculture and PV technology.

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Expanding the Shared Knowledge Base

AiDO was conceived during the AgriVoltaics2020 Conference and has since been increasing the cooperation between the different actors in the agrivoltaics sector. The resulting information exchange is meant to accelerate the development, optimization, and dissemination of agrivoltaics while expanding the shared knowledge base.

Since December 2020, AiDO meets regularly with over 15 members, in order to provide a cognitive framework for the three main pillars of agrivoltaics (energy, food, landscape) and to build up visions and improve the knowledge in the field. This is organized by a Steering Committee through action items; there are currently four action items defined by AiDO.


Action Items

(1) Global Agrivoltaics Database: It is the goal of this action item to collect data from existing agrivoltaic facilities worldwide.

(2) Crop Repository: This action item focuses on collecting and sharing information about crops and their responses under shading.

(3) Agrivoltaics Simulations: Progress on the combination of crop growth models and daylight simulations in order to develop feasible simulation models.

(4) Social Acceptance and Policy: This action item collects experiences from case studies and builds up new research questions and strategies, regarding regulatory frameworks, design and assessment guidelines and social acceptance.